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There’s no doubt about it: we live in a culture that demands instant gratification. Fast food. Entertainment on demand. Same-day shipping.

This premise permeates all industries, including real estate: people want things done quickly, and they want to be a hands-on part of the real estate transaction more so than ever before.

For brokers, this means being able to provide clients with thorough information and answers to their questions at a moment’s notice. If you’re able to connect your clients to a hands-on home-buying experience that doesn’t sacrifice speed or accuracy, you’ll improve the process for everyone involved.

The Homesnap app, available through MRED, allows you to make this a reality.

Is your potential seller curious about how much their house might go for? Generate a Homesnap instant comparative market analysis on your smartphone.

Need to provide school attendance zones? This is just a couple clicks away in the app.

Does your client want to know a listing’s exact property lines at a showing? Use Homesnap’s augmented reality feature to see and walk those boundaries. These perks are in addition to one-tap messaging with clients and real-time access to broker-only MLS information, as well as remarks, showing instructions, compensation, occupancy details and more.

But what takes Homesnap to the next level is the accuracy and trusted source of information to which you have instant access. This app is a direct link to the MLS; it’s the trustworthy, consumer-facing portal so many have longed for. Some brokers even offer their clients direct access to the MLS as they walk their clients through downloading the app. With a little guidance, clients will see an undeniable difference.

“Everybody has their smartphone these days, and Homesnap makes it so easy with the information right at their fingertips,” Kevin Roy, HomeSmart Connect, said. “Homesnap may not be the first thing they think of, but it should be, and it just makes the whole process so much easier when they do.”

Your clients won’t be the only ones enjoying immediate solutions. As MRED subscribers, brokers get the Homesnap Pro version of the app, complete with customized email marketing to clients and contacts, instant access to details on every broker in the area and an unprecedented amount of real-time information available to you on the go.

“I like Homesnap because compared to other apps, the information is up-to-date and current, as a direct feed from MRED and the MLS,” Roy said. “So often, clients will find listings on other apps and ask me to look them up; the information is outdated and it’s a major time-waster.”

“I encourage my clients to use Homesnap,” Nykea Pippion McGriff, Dream Town Realty, said. “I tell clients that if I’m out and about with a different client, I might not be looking at the same thing they’re looking for, and since the listings get updated every 15 minutes, it’s a good way to stay on top of what’s out there.”

All of these features are housed on a Homesnap platform that designates listing agents as the default contact on all their active listings. Listing agents are also the recipients of showing requests.

This is a branding opportunity to extend your sphere of influence and extend your brand, because there is no other broker advertising on your Homesnap listing,” Pippion McGriff said.

The secret is out about the game-changing tools Homesnap provides for brokers and the ease-of-use it provides for clients. “[Homesnap is] very convenient because I kind of use it also as a CRM,” Myles Love, DreamSpots Leasing and Sales, Inc., said. “When I have new leads, I immediately send them the Homesnap link to download. It’s been very helpful in that clients usually will look on their own anyway, but with the app, I am able to have them send me properties they are interested in directly and then schedule [a showing].”

The Homesnap movement continues to pick up momentum, with MRED and the Chicagoland marketplace blazing the trail. Homesnap is the consumer face of the Broker Public Portal (BPP), a grass roots initiative spearheaded by brokerages and MLSs, offering a nationwide industry solution that connects brokers with consumers. The BPP adopted Homesnap as its platform of choice in 2016.

As one of the earliest BPP MLS adopters, MRED launched an aggressive, two-pronged campaign effort to promote Homesnap. The results of this pilot were staggering. Homesnap user sessions increased 22 percent, with nearly one million total user sessions in Chicagoland. The campaign achieved exceptional mobile app engagement and through MRED’s digital advertising efforts, this initial campaign bested industry benchmarks for click-throughs and impressions.

The most important result was the value delivered to brokers through the consumer campaign. Industry research says the average cost of advertising on a major real estate portal in Chicago is about $300 per lead. By that math, MRED delivered members $16 million in client leads in 2018.

That’s just part of the partnership with Homesnap that’s bringing value to Chicago brokers. Homesnap is also integrated into connectMLS, making the top-rated real estate app in the App Store the delivery vehicle for automated emails to consumers through the MLS.

Some of the benefits of this integration include:

  • You can choose to “send results via Homesnap” when setting up saved searches and listing alerts using modern search.
  • Your saved searches and listing alert emails with this option selected can be branded with your headshot and
    contact information.
  • Clients will be directed to view listings on Homesnap and can easily rate properties so you immediately know their
    interest level.
  • Clients can send you a personal note with their rating, which you can see in connectMLS.

And Homesnap isn’t done innovating either.

Their team recently rolled out Homesnap Stories, which allows brokers to easily create fun video marketing pieces with Homesnap Pro. These Stories let you easily highlight a listing’s important features in a video that can be seamlessly shared across social media platforms to connect with potential buyers in a more personalized way and generate in-app traffic.

Homesnap’s features go beyond its robust listing information. You can also use the app’s safety timer for added security during showings.

Making Homesnap your pocket assistant gives you quick access to a wide variety of tools that will help you meet and exceed the expectations of your clients.

“I love that it’s integrated with ShowingTime and makes my life easier,” Pippion McGriff said. “I can go on and on.”

If you haven’t downloaded Homesnap, don’t wait any longer, and don’t forget that MRED has free training options to help you
every step of the way.