YPN Mastermind: Self Care Recap

Our final installation of the YPN Mastermind series centered around self-care. Self-care, a hot button topic that’s been gathering interest as days of quarantining in place have turned to weeks and weeks have turned to months.  Here are some of the simple tools for managing self-care from our final YPN Mastermind session.

Take breaks

Take the time to slow down. Get up once an hour to walk around your home, do push-ups and/or drink a glass of water. Take some time to do the things that are healthy for you that you may neglect. 

Subscribe to a Fitness App

Many gyms and fitness studios are moving their business online, and some are offering free trials. Subscribe to a fitness app and take advantage of its free services. They can help you stave off the quarantine fifteen as well as facilitate your mental health.

Join a Virtual Club

From Facebook groups covering pop songs, online dating, to virtual book clubs, we are all hungry for connection. You’ll never find a better time to connect with people virtually than the time you have now. 


Sometimes the best thing you can do is to get your thoughts out of your head. Taking time to reflect on what’s happening can help get your mind back to bit of normalcy. Try writing – even if you have nothing to write about. Simply putting a pen to paper and letting it move can be therapeutic. 

Create Healthy Habits

There’s a reason why we have routines in our normal life – they help regulate us. It’s easy to fall out of a routine now, and doing so can actually amplify your stress. Make sure to set a bedtime, wake up and take a shower. Have a cup of coffee before you start working and ensure that you set boundaries and follow them.

Three Things to do Everyday

YPN Chair, Jordan Pyle’s parting guidance was to share the three things he does each day: take time to pour energy into yourself, take time for someone to pour energy into you and pour yourself into others.