Why a Career in Real Estate | Chicago Association of REALTORS®


There are many different reasons to begin a career in real estate: potential for high earnings, flexible hours, and much more. A career in real estate allows for flexibility, independence, and freedom to set your own pace. Your income will likely be based on commission and therefore will directly reflect your efforts, with no limit to your earnings.

In Illinois a career in real estate begins with a broker’s license. Once you obtain your broker’s license you will need to find a Managing Broker to sponsor you for at least two years. After two years, if you wish to operate a sole proprietorship or open your own office, you can obtain a Managing Broker’s License.


“I would say that the reason I am in this industry is because of the organic nature of the learning/education base that comes with it… the flexibility and freedom that I can have in my schedule.” – Samantha Powell


“You are your own boss.” – Josh Weinberg

Unlimited Earning Potential

“I would highly recommend a career in real estate to others – especially to mothers that want flexibility but also plenty of opportunity for financial growth.” – Erika Villegas