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Want to learn at your own pace? Then, online courses are the best option for you. Designed by Chicagoland subject-matter experts, all our courses are approved by IDFPR.

They’re composed of click-through course modules. There is no live instructor, and you can complete each lesson at your own pace. After you register, you’ll receive an emailed receipt followed by an invitation to the course(s) you registered for.

We are excited to continue to improve your education experience by launching a new education portal in January. We encourage you to complete your online CE course prior to 3/4/2021. If you have not yet fully completed your online CE course by 3/4/2021, although you will be able to access the course in the new portal, your course progress will be reset to the beginning of the course. We apologize for the inconvenience. We look forward to serving you and your future real estate education needs!

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Course Policies FAQ

Word to the wise! These courses must be taken within 90 days of your registration date. After this time, courses will automatically expire and will not be accessible. Upon completion of each course, you will receive a transcript and a survey via email within 5 business days.

AVAILABLE COURSES: Brokers & Managing Brokers

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Core Curriculum | 4 Hours Core Credit

Become an expert in the world of managing legal escrow records through an easily-digestible review of the Real Estate License Act, agency relationships and more.

Anatomy of an Office Building | 3 Hours Elective Credit

Both enterprising and experienced office building developers and managers will gain a more thorough understanding of office building operations.

Anatomy of a Shopping Center | 3 Hours Elective Credit

Gain a working knowledge of the shopping center development process.

Behind the Scenes of a Residential Mortgage | 3 Hours Elective Credit

Gain a strong understanding of what it takes to process a mortgage, learn what happens behind the scenes brokers and borrowers do not see and learn how the decision to issue the mortgage is made.

Code of Ethics: Your Promise of Professionalism | 3 Hours Elective Credit

This is a reliable reference for guidance in dealing with complex situations in today’s day to day practice of real estate.

Divorce Real Estate Foundations | 3 Hours Elective Credit

This course is meant to help real estate brokers understand how to work with clients who are going through or have gone through the divorce process. Through this course brokers will be able to identify obstacles they may encounter when working with divorcing homeowners. They will develop strategies for helping people reach agreement during the listing and sale process. Brokers will identify how the process of selling a divorce property is different than a regular sale.

Making Sense of Residential Real Estate Taxes | 3 Hours Elective Credit

Learn how real estate taxes are calculated so you can explain to your clients how taxes are levied, prorated and protested.

Ownership and Title; How, Who and What | 3 Hours Elective Credit

Review the various types of estates in land, the interests of owners, as well as the legal aspects of deed and title. Become well-versed in all forms of estates in lands and understand the different types of ownership possibilities.

Reasonable Accommodations Under the Fair Housing Act | 2 Hours Elective Credit

The HUD and the DOJ frequently respond to complaints alleging that housing providers have violated the Act by refusing reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities. Review possible discrimination practices and become a better steward of property ownership.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training | 1 Hour Elective Credit

This course defines what sexual harassment looks like including the definition of sexual harassment, reinforcing that it is unwanted, deliberate and repetitive.


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Broker Management | 12 Hours Credit – ONLY for Licensed Managing Brokers

This course is a requirement for managing brokers only. This course will provide attendees with the skills and methods to train employees, to implement sound real estate business practices and to manage their offices based on the requirements of the Real Estate License Act of 2000 and Administrative Rules.

Broker Management | 24 Hours Credit – NOW ON SALE!

This package is for those who need to complete their 24 hours required for Managing Broker Licensing renewal by 4/30/21.