Client Conversations & Value-Add Basics: A YPN Breakfast Recap

On Wednesday, February 28, 2024, we hosted our monthly YPN breakfast with the topic “Client Conversations & Value-Add Basics” at our home base, Manny’s Deli. We loved getting together in person, connecting with our peers and devouring advice from a panel of local experts. You can stay up-to-date on upcoming YPN events by following the YPN Facebook page!



Our guest speakers Amy Corr, @properties | Christie’s International Real Estate, Carrie Jo Little, CarMarc Realty Group and Chicago Association of REALTORS® Treasurer Lutalo Mcgee, Ani World LLC, shared tips about effective transaction management, showcasing your expertise as a trusted advisor and structuring smart communication with your clients.


Both Amy Corr and Carrie Jo Little emphasized that outlining a specific consultation process was pivotal in laying the foundation for successful transactions and client satisfaction. 

Amy shared four tips to implement when crafting your intake process:

  1. Identify buyer’s wants and needs.
  2. Showcase your value with your personal success record or success record of your organization.
  3. Become knowledgeable about the market your client is interested in.
  4. Evaluate if taking on the client is a good fit.

Carrie emphasized the power of storytelling. She’s found success in sharing her experience as a first-time homebuyer with clients to inspire confidence and showcase the achievable outcomes of property ownership. This has been instrumental in fostering trust and enduring client relationships.

A robust consultation process is also a great way to identify if you and the prospective client just aren’t the right match for this business relationship. Are you the best person to help them achieve their goals? Are they the best client for your expertise, desired market area or communication style? “Ask yourself, is this the right move for me professionally?” Amy added.


Build trust with clients using market data. Carrie relies heavily on Infosparks as a great tool to become an expert in minutes! She’s been able to successfully help her clients navigate their homebuying journey by pulling data to compare multiple geographies, analyze various market metrics and other crucial factors, empowering her clients to make informed decisions.

Amy encourages agents to be knowledgeable about inventory beyond the MLS. Aligning with your sphere of influence, and collaborating with colleagues and your office are excellent ways to stay informed on new properties, and anticipate future listings to offer your clients a comprehensive and proactive real estate experience.

Create an elevator pitch highlighting the value you bring to the client. Amy found a successful elevator pitch isn’t about giving the “right” answer. It includes data geared toward what the client needs, your personalized experience and knowing your audience. Most importantly, write it out and practice! Carrie found calling a friend to practice her pitch helped it flow naturally.

Don’t forget another essential: a clear, solid communication plan. This plan should account for the where, how, when and for what questions. Each email, text message or phone call should have a clear purpose during the business relationship. If it isn’t communicating your value with data, market insight, a personal story or your interest in your clients’ lives, then it might not be serving you well.


One way Amy leads with a giver mindset is with her client referral follow-up process; it ensures those who refer clients receive regular updates on the transaction process, from listing to sale and thank you gift. For her, these small touches help keep you top-of-mind and naturally foster long-term partnerships.

For Carrie, showing up and participating in Association, Affiliate member and Industry Partner events has helped expand her network. To take it up a notch she asks, “How can I best help or support you and your business?” This approach has helped her create collaborative relationships, building trust and their support in return.


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