Congratulations to Our “Just Because Day” Winners

In honor of National Just Because Day on August 27th, we asked you to submit stories of your “just because” acts of kindness. Thank you for all your heartwarming submissions! We randomly selected five winners to receive $50 Amazon gift cards. Read their stories below:

Going the Extra Mile

I had a client who had two other REALTORS® list their home but couldn’t sell it. They hired me to help them accomplish their family goals. They were so happy I put the house on the market was able to sell [it], to help them fulfill their dream of moving to Indiana. On day two of the closing, the husband was given the wrong medication. [The family] had nobody to get the furniture to Indiana, so I packed up a U-Haul and drove it down, along with my 2 stepsons. [The wife] had a smile from ear to ear when I pulled up. That’s what I call going the extra mile acts of kindness! – Michael Rychtanek,  RE/MAX Premier Properties

Adding A Personal Touch

My act of kindness is to include a small gift and/or a hand-written note to the co-op agent at closings. They are usually surprised, expecting the gift to be for the client; we don’t forget about them either. This creates a higher level of courtesy and goodwill among fellow REALTORS®, something I strongly appreciate. – Anonymous Chicago REALTOR®

Having Each Other’s Back

On a cold and rainy Sunday in November, I attended an open house in the western suburbs. I arrived just minutes before the scheduled end time, and told the agent sitting the open, “I won’t take long; I’m previewing for a client,” she replied, “That’s ok, take your time.” I breezed through the large single-family home rather quickly, getting an idea of the layout and flow. I stopped by the kitchen to ask the listing agent a few questions, grab a brochure and sign the register. I was the first and only person who signed the registration that day; however, I noticed that another person was milling about in the adjacent dining room. I proceeded to ask the agent some specific questions regarding the age of the home, the roof and the mechanicals. During our conversation, I noticed the man in the dining room occasionally glanced in at us standing in the kitchen. I thanked the agent for her time, shook her hand and started towards the front door. As I opened the door, I stated “some miserable weather for an open…” To which she replied, “Yeah, it’s been dead.” Sensing something was amiss, I offered to turn out some lights. We canvassed separate areas of the large home and I met her at the front door while she politely showed the other man out. Once she locked up, we both walked briskly to our vehicles, mine parked on the street and hers in the driveway. I stood at my car door before getting in and watched her safely reach and open her car door. But before she did, she shouted, “Thank you so much!” It was then I confirmed my suspicions that the agent felt uncomfortable with the presence of the other man at the open house as she was sitting it all by herself. I smiled with the belief that I did the right thing. – Anonymous Chicago REALTOR®

Weathering the Storm

One particular day, I had two students come to view my listing.  It was sunny outside.  All of a sudden, the sky got dark, and rain began pouring down. I wasn’t aware that they had taken public transportation. I always assumed everyone drove. My [mistake]! As I was getting in my car, I saw the two individuals walking and then stopping at the bus stop…They had jackets on, [but] nothing covering their heads. I yelled and [asked], “Did you not drive here?” They said, “We took the bus.” I said, “I will be happy to give you guys a ride somewhere.” They ran to my car. They were so happy and appreciative because their bus was not due to come for another 10 minutes or so. Those two individuals rented a unit and are coming to my “Prepare for Ownership Seminar.” That day, I learned some of my clients take public transportation to make it to these showings. Whenever possible, and if they are not driving, I offer to give clients a ride back to their destination! – Chetzi Canada, Coldwell Banker Residential

A Keepsake

My clients, a young couple, were selling their home in Morton Grove to move to Seattle. I helped with renovating and noticed these retro cool drapes in the garage. After they moved and the house sold, I had the drapes dry cleaned and made into pillow slips. I bought 4 pillows and shipped this big box to Seattle. What a surprise on their doorstep! One of their two toddler children squealed, “Pillow fight!” – Mark Lale, Best Chicago Properties