Download Customizable Graphics With Our New Member Benefit: Photofy | Chicago Association of REALTORS®

We’re pleased to introduce our newest member benefit to you: professionally-designed customizable social media graphics! We’ve partnered with Photofy to allow you to easily personalize and share consumer-facing social media campaign assets on your social media accounts.

With Photofy, you can easily demonstrate the value you bring to the real estate transaction and beyond – in our Chicago neighborhoods, in understanding the local real estate market and in our influence on public policies that protect your clients’ rights as property owners – by customizing and sharing graphics that underscore your value, straight to your social sphere.

We’ll be adding content frequently throughout the year, so you’ll always have new designs to share! Learn more about this new member benefit.


  1. Visit
  2. At the bottom of the page, fill out the information under “Get Started with Photofy Today.” You will need your NRDS ID number for this!
  3. Open the email from Photofy and download the app on your device.
  4. Once the app is downloaded, open it. Click “Business Sign In” on the homepage and log in with your information, including your username and password.
  5. You will then have access to both NAR and CAR’s Photofy assets. To switch between the two, click the up arrow on the bottom of your screen.