Your Fair Housing Month Toolkit

April is Fair Housing Month! We fully support Fair Housing, and as REALTORS®, we have the power to end discrimination, step up for what’s right & help build thriving, inclusive communities. Here’s a breakdown of the events, trainings, classes, resources, videos and more available to you.

Attend These Events

Join us for a series of events taking place each Thursday in April to commemorate the Fair Housing Act of 1968, which explicitly outlawed housing discrimination based on race, religion, national origin and sex. This event series will provide you with the understanding and tools you need to identify and prevent fair housing violations. Together, we can do more than just comply with the spirit of the act – we can seek to affirmatively further Fair Housing.

Learn How to Be a Fair Housing Advocate


Chicago REALTORS® who renewed their membership for 2021 now have access to a free Fair Housing CE course as a member benefit! This opportunity will help reinforce the importance of building ethical, socially-mindful business practices into your business plan and refresh your knowledge of Fair Housing in real estate. Register today for the April 29 event!  

What You Need to Know to be a Fair Housing Champion

Know Your Protected Classes

The city of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois and U.S. all protect different classes through fair housing. And these classes are more than just minority groups. It includes sex, religion, parental status and much more. Reference this guide to keep track of the protected classes in your area.

Report Violations When They Occur

One of the ways we can ensure we are affirmatively furthering fair housing is by holding one another accountable for our actions. We want to be a resource to help right those wrongs, and encourage people to report violations when they occur.

If you see a fair housing violation take place, it is important to report it. Ensure you’re familiar with the steps to take to file a fair housing complaint.

Tools and Resources to Learn More

Check out our history of Fair Housing in Chicago documentary.
Visit Fairhaven, NAR’s fair housing simulations training.
Learn about the science behind bias.
Access on-demand fair housing videos & more!
Fair Housing Discussion with CAR’s Kristopher Anderson and NAR’s Bryan Greene