How to Business Plan For Success: A YPN Breakfast Recap | Chicago Association of REALTORS®

We have a recap of takeaways and an audio recording coming soon! Those will be posted here. In the meantime, here are resources we’ve compiled for today’s panel discussion.

Business Planning Worksheets

We put together three highly recommended, popular worksheets used in business planning. Whether you’re setting goals, breaking down tasks within a larger goal or trying to manage your time, these may help!

Download the PDFs (Includes All 3!)

  • (Page 1) Annual 4-1-1 Worksheet: Keep track of your goals and break them down into manageable mini-goals
  • (Page 2) Weekly Time-Blocked Calendar: Find the schedule that works best for you and your business, and then put it in action
  • (Page 3) 1-3-5 Goal Plan Worksheet: Break down a big goal you want to achieve in a year’s time

Learn more about goal setting and breaking down actionable steps from a past YPN Boot Camp. Learn more about keeping yourself and your team accountable! Explore more time blocking strategies tested and enjoyed by entrepreneurs everywhere.

Already past the worksheets and the time management? Here’s how to run your business like an MBA.

Resources For Team Leads, Mentors & Coaches

Sometimes, your business plan includes the help and talents of multiple people!

If you lead a team or an office, consider this: some of the most successful mentor/mentee-type relationships stem from a mentor who is actively invested and interested in the career of the mentee. As a team lead, you are the go-to resource for your team. When you time block and set goals, don’t dismiss your coaching time or leadership time! Set goals for yourself that focus on helping the people you lead.

For Business Plans That Include Hiring

If you’re ready to expand your team or bring on an assistant or transaction coordinator, assess what skillsets are missing from your existing “roster” of talent. Write down what you don’t like to do, what you don’t know how to do, what you do know how to do but don’t have time for et cetera. You’ve just written a job description.

For Business Plans That Include Finding A Coach

The most important thing to remember when looking for a business coach is to find one whose training, background and skills most closely match your specific goals. This person can help you strategize, pivot, stay accountable, troubleshoot and so much more.

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Motivation & Mindset Resources

Tim Mullet’s recommendation: The Luke Mind Power Podcast. Each week, the host Luke shares an inspiring, energizing message to help you believe in yourself and your dreams.

When in doubt, ask your peers how they stay motivated! Here are some wellness-themed books to add to your bookshelf, and wellness apps to add to your devices.