How to Connect with Clients During Social Distancing

Real estate is a business based on the service of taking care of your clients’ needs and solving their problems before your own. If there has ever been an important time to keep this in mind, it’s now. As people around the planet are bearing down and sheltering in place, REALTORS® are left wondering how they can conduct their business. Those who have seen success have done so by returning to the fundamentals of being a REALTOR®: putting themselves in their clients’ shoes.  Just like you, people around the country are feeling isolated and are worried about how they’re going to get through the coming weeks. Many REALTORS® are using videos to maintain face-to-face relationships with their clients in an effort to curb that isolation. Here are some ideas on how you can use video to connect with your clients. If you’re unsure of what video services to use, check out our post: Video Tools to Use During Social Distancing.

Use Video to Communicate Important Information

REALTORS® around the country are finding success shifting the way they communicate with clients through using video. Where you might make a phone call or send an email, consider sending a short video message instead. Think of it as a video voicemail. This can help give a personal touch when you’re communicating information to your clients. Also, if you have to send this message to multiple parties, it ensures that everyone is getting the same information.

Use Video to Connect on a Personal Level

Within the stress of COVID-19 are opportunities to creatively grow your business in ways you might not have considered while conducting business as normal, like developing personal relationships with your clients. Many REALTORS® are reporting success in connecting with their clients over video chat to simply talk about how they’re doing rather than speaking strictly about business and the market.  Offer to have coffee dates with your clients, or virtual happy hours, to talk about what they’re going through. Now is a good time to be good neighbors for your clients, especially if they’re in the process of moving from out of town. Start a video, find out what they’re worried about and see what you can do to take care of their needs. This can go a long way in helping grow your business through referrals. 

Set up Ongoing Communication

Speaking of referrals, now is the perfect time to set up ongoing communication with clients after you’ve closed with them. Establishing ongoing monthly emails or creating social media groups are great ways to stay in your clients’ minds when it comes time for them to sell years down the line. Developing ongoing relationships can solidify YOU as their REALTOR®, and now is a great time to do so.