Important Notice About Sentrilock Shortage

Sentrilock recently notified us of a global supply chain shortage of raw materials for new lockboxes. As a result, Sentrilock’s inventory is critically low and they have temporarily suspended our ability to make online fulfillment orders. Thus, until this issue is resolved, we are implementing a purchase limit of one lockbox per month for our active Sentrilock members. Any Sentrilock order received will be fulfilled subject to our current available inventory. Keep in mind: Sentrilock lockboxes can be transferred or sold to other Sentrilock members. If you would like to transfer lockbox ownership to another Sentrilock member, you can initiate a Lockbox Ownership Transfer Form on our website here. This news comes as a surprise, and we apologize for any impact this may have on your business. Please know we are doing the best we can to address this temporary issue for you and we will provide updates on any changes to the current situation. In an effort to restore their supply chain, Sentrilock has committed to a number of initiatives, including:
  • Committing $5 million in capital to pre-order parts and components to support production.
  • Air-shipping parts to accelerate deliveries.
  • Finding alternative solutions for parts with long lead-time.
  • Working overtime to meet demand when parts are available.
  • Contacting Associations with excess inventory.
  • Making temporary policy changes to maximize availability to all customers.
We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any follow-up questions, please email our Membership Team at