New Timeframe for SentriLock One-Day Code Access Effective March 18

Effective Monday, March 18, 2019, we are making a significant change to the SentriLock one-day access code timeframe. The timeframe will be reduced to one hour from 4.25 hours. Since typically, showings do not last more than an hour, the new one-hour access code timeframe is an important security measure update. The way a one-day code works is: once the code is issued, it is valid for one day and can be used whenever the individual wishes to use it. However, once the code is entered into the lockbox for the first time, a countdown timer will begin and will restrict access to a one-hour time period. Once the hour expires, the code becomes invalid. SentriLock is the only lockbox product and service recommended by the Chicago Association of REALTORS®. We regularly make updates and recommendations to our account with SentriLock to improve security for you and your clients.

Looking for additional security? SentriConnect for Increased Data and Security

We recommend all SentriLock users take advantage of the SentriConnect mobile app. This app is beneficial for users who are issuing SentriLock access to REALTORS® who do not have a SentriLock card. SentriConnect holds more data than SentriLock’s one-day code access system and provides greater security.
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