Now Offering Upgraded SentriLock Bluetooth Lockboxes

SentriLock has improved upon their Bluetooth lockboxes, and the new model is now available for purchase through C.A.R.

New features include:

  • External power port – No more power paddle! The new external power port means you can charge the battery with just the new battery kit and the SentriSmart Movile App or SentriCard.
  • Battery enhancements – Enhancements to the internal mainboard and time clock create improved battery efficiencies. SentriLock expects over 6 years of battery life on 99 percent of new boxes, and 9 years of battery life on 90 percent of new boxes.
  • Quality advantages – The new SentriLock lockboxes have the ability to self-diagnose and correct any internal communications issues. Boxes and batteries are covered under warranty for the term of the agreement.
  • Access advantages – You have more security and control. One Day Codes will be time limited and only work for one hour from when first used in the lockbox.
  • Improved weather resistance – Additional coverings to the card slot and hinges make the new model even more weather resistant.
  • SentriConnect Mobile App compatibility – These new lockboxes work with SentriConnect, the app-based temporary access feature released last spring.
The new boxes are now available for purchase through C.A.R. for $119.99 (C.A.R. office pickup) or $129.99 (with shipping). We will continue to have a small selection of the older model Bluetooth SentriLock lockboxes for purchase for $100, while supplies last. Questions? Contact our Member Care Department.