Property Tax Appeals


Ensure your clients know how to appeal their property tax assessments to avoid overpaying. Here is a streamlined overview of how to work with your clients on what can be a complicated issue.

Properties in Cook County are reassessed every three years, and property taxes are based on these assessments. By appealing your assessment, you may be able to significantly reduce your property tax bill. Once assessment notices are mailed, by township, a property owner has 30 days to file an appeal.

If unsuccessful at Assessor’s office, owners can appeal once more to the Board of Review, which follows another schedule. See the FAQs for more information!

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Township Schedule

Important Notes

  • There is no cost to a property owner to file an appeal
  • When you appeal to the Assessor or Board of Review, there is no chance an assessment will be increased as a result of appeal. In other words, there is no penalty; when an owner appeals, the assessment will either remain the same or be lowered.
  • Use our infographic to guide your clients through the appeals process visually.
  • There are many tax professionals that can assist your clients with the process. Here is a list of CAR member tax professionals.