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Mediation for Managing Brokers

Mediation is CAR’s preferred method of dispute resolution. This intense 4 hour training will give you the necessary tools to help resolve interoffice and interpersonal disputes as well as help sharpen your listening and negotiation skills. The emphasis of this training is placed on reaching win-win solutions.

This training is designed for Managing Brokers as a way to help build their skills in leading a brokerage and dealing with daily disputes with their brokers, clients, and customers. This course is available only to Managing Brokers.

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Mediation for Managing Brokers Tuition: Free!

TBD 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM CAR | 430 N Michigan

Through this session, participants will learn:

  • Strategies, tactics, and insights needed to gain control of tough conflict situations.
  • To be more comfortable in handling intense emotional situations without becoming emotional themselves.
  • Tools and techniques that allow parties to vent their emotions in a constructive way; while practicing active listening techniques.
  • How to open their ears, eyes and mind and listen holistically and strategically to any dispute.
  • How to spot potential interpersonal conflicts and defuse them before they flare up.
  • Different approaches to conflict managing and when and how to use them appropriately.