Top Producer Tips

How do you stay motivated during times of uncertainty in our industry?

“I set goals. Life is like driving to an appointment or a showing to meet with a client—if you don’t set where you wish to go, you will get lost. I maintain my focus on helping clients achieve their goals and that has always allowed me to reach my goals too.” – Lorena Ramirez-Carrillo, YUB Realty Inc.

“There will always be a need for housing. That certainty helps to keep me motivated.” – Earick Rayburn, Rayburn Realty Group, Inc.

“Believing that the purchase of real estate is a basic principle of building generational wealth.” – April Troope, TADD Realty

“I hyper-focus on positive outcomes. I don’t allow negative thinking to burden me. I have always saved money for the lean times, so I don’t ever get pushy with clients. I’m an advisor, not a salesperson. Great REALTORS® are made in down markets.” – Alley Ballard, @properties | Christie’s International Real Estate

What’s your #1 listening tip?

“Try and listen for what the client really needs versus what they think they want. In every home search, there’s give and take. Try to figure out what your client won’t and shouldn’t compromise on.” – Riz Gilani, Dream Town Realty

“Remembering to listen is half the battle. We, so often, like to speak when we should be listening. From there, I have a conversation, asking the next logical question to learn more about my customers. ” – Rick Babb, Redfin Corporation

“Use the question loop! First, ask a question. Then, follow it up with ‘Tell me more about_____,’ or ‘What does that look like to you?’ Then, ask, ‘What’s important to you about that/what will that do for you?’ This tool has been extremely helpful in understanding a person’s motivation, goals, values, etc. and it has forced me to listen to what they are saying, and what’s beneath the surface. ” – Alex Wolking, Keller Williams ONEChicago

“Stay focused on the client and never interrupt. Dig deeper with your open-ended questions, finding out your client’s true motivations for selling and/or buying and focusing on the why. Listen for what’s important to them, especially information on why they are taking this next step.” – Denis Horgan, Redfin Corporation

“I like to start with basic needs, of course, but more importantly, I like to challenge the client to see how serious they are and how viable the project is for both of us. Before long, you can tell within a first phone call or meeting if you’re the right REALTOR® for the job. Our goal is to serve our clients in the best possible way. If there’s no apparent synergy in the relationship, don’t force it. Over time, I think it’s best practice to be honest and help them find the right person for the job. They will thank you for it and will serve both sides over time!” – Brad Belden, Colliers

What makes you most proud to be a REALTOR®?

“What makes me most proud to be a REALTOR® is the supportive and collaborative community of professionals I’ve met and worked with in my career. I have met the most amazing REALTORS® in my journey who are second to none to work with and make sure all clients have the best experience! My collaboration with other agents exists far beyond a specific transaction, and I am so grateful for that!” – Kimberly Cardilli, Redfin Corporation

“As an immigrant, helping people achieve the American Dream is something that has always been ingrained in me. Now that we have a team of 30+ agents, many of them newer licensees, being able to provide the blueprint of success and to pay it forward is extremely gratifying.” – Rafay Qamar, COMPASS

“Having the opportunity to meet some of the most supportive, professional and collaborative individuals in the real estate industry.” – Fernando Richa Jr., RE/MAX Loyalty

“I feel I enter people’s lives at a time of transition, and I really provide a service to them. Moving always comes at inflection points in life—good and bad. I handhold in the process.” – Suzanne Gignilliat, @properties | Christie’s International Real Estate

“The amazing collaboration with my peers and fellow top producers in this network.” – Juana Honeycutt, Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty

“I am most proud to be a REALTOR® and to lead other women who are passionate about raising and maintaining the highest level of industry standards.” – Kelly Parker, COMPASS

What’s your best piece of advice for REALTORS® working to level up their careers this year?

“Be you! If you don’t want to make Instagram Reels, you don’t have to. If you don’t want to go to networking events, find social interaction elsewhere! At the end of the day, I think potential buyers and sellers are drawn to authenticity. They want to work with the real you!” – Melanie Everett, Melanie Everett & Company

“My best advice would be to constantly invest in yourself. The payoff of knowledge is indispensable.” – Tuyen Nguyen, Chicago Real Estate Resources

“Listen, be coachable and find great mentors.” – Jose L. Martinez, YUB Realty Inc.

“Go back to basics! Real estate is a business of relationships, so put people’s needs first. Stay organized and work on your craft. Keep on learning, know your audience, find your niche, know your stats and farm!” – Ainhoa Garcia Jimenez, Realty of Chicago LLC