Top Producers Sound Off

Human interest has always been my favorite part of real estate. The art of the deal pales in comparison to the earnest ability to help someone make a good decision. – ERIN MANDEL, @properties       My role is not just to sell a house (especially in a neighborhood where every house, every block and every corner of every block is unique); it is to make a match that makes sense. I mean that both in the financial and emotional sense. – SUSAN O’CONNOR, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago       I wish they knew how much we care about their interests and that they are more than a commission check. The relationship that develops after a real estate transaction is more important. Some clients turn into longtime friends, which is one of the most amazing things about this job. – YASSIN TAIB, Option Realty Group, LTD.       How many calls, emails and texts we field on a busy day—it’s a lot! – MARC WELLIN, Kass Management Services      

It’s important to know when to say no to a client – whether it’s financially good for you or not, it’s important to follow your core values and translate that to your business philosophy. – MATT SILVER, Corcoran Urban Real Estate           Buying and selling a property is one of the most stressful things one can go through. I have to be the one who remains calm, cool and collected at all times. If you don’t know how to deescalate stressful situations, you’ll never make it in this business. That does not mean I don’t get stressed out – I do! But I don’t show it; I have to master managing everyone else’s emotions, stick to the facts, then bring the transaction to a close. – SHEILA DANTZLER, Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty       Identifying what the my clients want. This isn’t always very clear. – JOSE GONZALEZ, Cobblestone Realty             Growing up as a middle child made me a great REALTOR®, peacekeeper and negotiator. – ALEX WOLKING, Keller Williams ONEChicago           I am an extraordinary parallel parker. – CADEY O’LEARY, Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty  


You have to keep dialing for dollars – get on the phone and make those calls. In our business, it is all about the numbers. You cannot be scared of rejection. – PHILIP BOYD, Coldwell Banker Realty         Make small goals that are in line with accomplishing your ultimate goal. – PAMELA BROWN, eXp Realty         Success cannot be improvised. It’s about building a routine that rewards your future self, time and time again. Once you have that, it’s all about evolving and adapting to circumstances. This last year has been the ultimate litmus test for those things. – TYSON SCHUTZ, The Apartment Source       I think it’s important to collaborate with other professionals in the industry. Part of the growth I experienced is due to residential agent referrals. Since I specialize and focus on commercial real estate, there are many residential agents who may not have a deep understanding on how to facilitate and conduct a commercial real estate transaction. – MOSES HALL, MoHall Commercial & Urban Development     Tie your goals back to measurable actions. If your goal is sales-related, calculate the number of live conversations you need to have to equal one sale. That’s a powerful metric that can easily show you how to grow your business. If you know that number, it’s easy to say “I have to have X many more conversations each week.” That is a key word – conversations. That means you have to talk to people and that you have to pick up the phone. – SCOTT CURCIO, Baird & Warner  

There is so much in this business that is outside of our control. I focus on staying the course, focusing on the things I can control and trusting the amazing people I get to work with. At the end of the day it’s all about the work and making sure that my clients are happy. – YOLANDA ZAPIAIN, RE/MAX 10       Life sucks. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns. You are going to lose more than you win. You just have to wake up every day like a man on a mission looking to win. No one wants to be around a negative person. Suck it up, put your big boy pants on, and go out to win. – MATT LARICY, Americorp Real Estate       I have a mantra: “Emily, you are a good person, you are a good REALTOR®, you do a good job.” And sometimes I need to repeat it more than once…but it’s calming during stressful situations.” – EMILY SACHS WONG, @properties       Focus on the solutions, not the problem. – MARINA COLLAZO, Realty of Chicago, LLC         I lean on my team and my family to keep me grounded and support me in my harder times. It’s good to have people in your professional and personal life that will be there for you and want to see you succeed. – NATHAN WILKS, COMPASS