Top Producers Technology Must-Haves

With so many tools, apps and websites out there, it can be hard to distinguish the useful from the useless. We asked our top producers to share the tools they use on a regular basis that have changed the way they do business.


Zenlist makes REALTOR® to REALTOR® and REALTOR® to client collaboration easier than ever. Zenlist combines online listings, private listings and coming soon listings from a variety of Chicago-area brokerages and brings them together in one location.

REALTORS® and their clients have access to each other’s searches, so you are notified when your client changes their filters to ensure you remain on top of their homebuying desires. Listings can be shared between one another, and showings can be scheduled on the spot by clients or REALTORS® and saved together in a file for easy sharing. Even better, Zenlist has a chat functionality, so all your conversations, searches and scheduling are available to you in one location. Bonus: other agents don’t have access to your client’s information, so it can’t be gathered as leads.

Think of as a task management system that holds your work, processes, tools and files all in one spot. It provides transparency between your team members, so everyone can see what tasks are being worked on, their status, dues dates and priority level. allows you to make notes and notify team members in real time. The system also provides customizable dashboards to keep track of the progress you’re making on your individual and teamwide goals. Everything is set up in a visually appealing way so you can quickly and easily check progress.

The system is available online or via their app, and integrates with Microsoft Teams and Adobe Cloud Creative, so if you’re working on a file in one of these apps, you’re able to effortlessly save and upload them to

Follow Up Boss

The CRM Follow Up Boss is made specifically for real estate teams; its focus is to get you face-to-face with more prospects by storing all your leads and following up with them.

Follow Up Boss runs in the background of your systems. Leads and inbound calls get automatically put into your system, and you can set up emails and texts that can be sent out instantly. These calls, texts and emails can be created directly in the app, with the ability to assign follow up tasks to others on your team. Additionally, when your contact is added to your database, you can tag them based on the stage of the transaction they’re in and keep all their information in one place, from contact information to price range.

The system also provides a task management system for follow-ups and any other task you’d like to add in.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is a collection of tools and programs that simplifies the collaboration process:

  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Meet
  • Google Chat
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides

All of these tools seamlessly integrate so you and your team can get everything done in one space. By signing up for Google Workspace, you’ll also receive additional cloud storage, customizable email domain names and extended time for video meetings, plus security and administrative controls.

Google Workspace allows you to easily share files and work on them at the same time as your teammates and assistants to keep tasks moving. And, for everyone using Salesforce or DocuSign, there are integrations to help streamline your workflow.

InfoSparks & FastStats

InfoSparks and FastStats are market statistics systems that you receive for free with your Chicago Association of REALTORS® membership.

With FastStats and InfoSparks, you have access to the latest relevant market statistics, enhanced with powerful visualization features to help you paint a picture of the market for your clients. These tools make interpreting, explaining and marketing data simple and easy; go beyond statistics with visuals like charts and graphs, so clients can physically see what’s happening in their neighborhoods.

Access FastStats & InfoSparks to get all the data you need to be the market expert for your clients.