Update on the Call for Action on House Bill 2775

On Thursday, February 24, REALTORS® were asked to take action against HB2775 to avoid source of income mandates for all rental housing providers. After months of negations, language has been agreed upon and an amendment is expected to be offered soon. The amendment removes the massive expansion mandating landlords to participate in all assistance programs, and also removes the ancillary onerous provisions. Illinois REALTORS® will support the amendment that greatly narrows the bill but will maintain tacit opposition to the measure. Illinois REALTORS ® has always supported the Housing Choice Voucher Program and believes that the program is very advantageous for both landlords and tenants in many circumstances but realize that participation in all programs should not be mandated, as some of the programs impose substantial requirements and burdens on landlords. In total, nearly 4,000 messages were been sent to respective legislators. We cannot thank you enough for having a powerful and impactful voice at the Capitol.