Winter 2021: President’s Perspective

In our lifetimes, we all experience many firsts — some that we remember, some that we don’t, and some that change our trajectory, because firsts can lead to forevers. I remember the first time I attended the Inaugural Gala, I was so inspired by the award winners, the programming and the breadth of leadership in the room that I proclaimed, out loud, that I would one day be the president of the association. For me, that first led to forever. Since that first Inaugural, I’ve become plugged into every aspect of this association. I started putting myself out there to meet others and learn whatever I could, and I was fortunate to meet peers who reached out their hands and encouraged me to get involved. I also invited others into the loop, so they could experience their own firsts and enhance us all by sharing their experiences, strengths and hope. This year, I challenge you all to do the same: reach into the experience of your own firsts and recognize those who might be experiencing a first with the association or in our industry. Reach out your hand and invite them in. You never know who you may inspire on their journey. This year, I’m thrilled to lead the association through its own firsts as we launch a number of tools to help elevate all Chicago REALTORS®. In October, we launched our newest product: Legal Library Pro, which streamlines the forms and contracts process for commercial practitioners. We’re continuing to update and expand the capabilities of our education platform, including making your education options easier to navigate and register. And in the spring, we’ll be hosting our first DEI Summit. Make sure to look out for more on that coming soon! I’m proud to be part of an association that is committed to our success, and I hope you are, too. So, go out there and embrace your firsts. Make them something you can look back on as part of your real estate journey, wherever that may take you. Because, remember: firsts can lead to forevers.
2021-2022 President
Chicago Association of REALTORS®
Watch Antje’s speech from the 138th Inaugural Gala.