Catch Up On the Wisdom From the YPN April Breakfast: Digital Domination | Chicago Association of REALTORS®

On Wednesday, April 28, we hosted our monthly YPN breakfast virtually through Zoom. Even though our get-togethers at Manny’s Deli were put on hold, we couldn’t wait to devour advice from local industry experts. You can stay up-to-date on upcoming YPN virtual events by following the YPN Facebook page!





Thank you to Marki Lemons Ryhal, EXIT Strategy Realty, for sharing your time and expertise with YPN!

She shared actionable items to help us improve our self-confidence on video, build our social media presence, especially as new REALTORS®, post authentically and attract more followers that convert to leads. With these strategic practices, you can build your digital domination plan.

What do people want to see you post?

So, you’re ready to start posting about your real estate business. What kinds of posts do your current and potential clients want to see from you?

Marki’s advice is simple: Google what everyone is Googling.

Using tools like SEMrush, or or Ubersuggest, conduct simple searches of real estate-related topics people are searching near you. This is a simple exercise to help you get in the mindset of your followers and of consumers which should drive the kind of content you’re producing. “My opinion does not matter,” Marki said. “What do people turn to the internet for?”

She used the example of searching “contingencies.” Some of the top search results were queries such as “what are contingencies in real estate” and “how do contingencies work in real estate.” There’s your answer! Plan and publish posts explaining contingencies to your followers, and you’ll be supplying quality, in-demand content people are more likely to engage with.

Next, build a content plan around timeless industry hot topics like lending. “People want lending information!” Marki said. For example, host a video interview with a lending expert to talk about loan options and grants. Where can you find these guest experts? YPN is connected with a wonderful network of affiliate sponsors who are happy to assist you with what you need.

“Now you have something of value to talk about every day,” Marki added.

Connecting to your audience through video.

Now that you’re posting content with a consumer-minded strategy, take a look at your posts and see what can be turned into a video. Marki recommends posting a minute-long video at least once every five days on your preferred channels (for example, are you on Instagram?) because people retain more information when it’s communicated through a video versus when it’s written.

Luckily, you’re not appearing on Instagram or Facebook feeds without anything to say, because you’ve already done your research. Here are four video best practices so you can spark maximum engagement with your audience:

  • Look into the camera directly (the camera, not the screen!).
  • Speak clearly and in a location with minimal background noise.
  • Position the camera at or above eye level, and use a ring light for front lighting (no backlighting).
  • Share your video on all your other channels! Link it in your emails! Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose.

Leverage your free tools.

So, you’ve completed your research and have a list of in-demand topics to post about. You are incorporating video into your content at least once a week. Now what? Marki recommends capitalizing on several free tools.

Google Forms. Comment on your video with a “request more information” link for people to fill out. This is how you begin adding to your database. If someone watches your video and likes you or appreciates learning from you, they’re more likely to fill out that form. Don’t just post a Google Form link without using a free link tracking tool like they have a paid version, but in their free version, you can take any URL and get a custom, shortened URL that is trackable. See when, if and how often people are clicking on your link!

QR Codes. Let’s say you send out a direct mail piece. Instead of putting your webpage URL at the bottom, use a free QR Code generator for people to scan with their phones. EXPERT TIP: This is where Marki reminds us to be smart. Don’t just copy and paste your webpage URL without being able to track it! If you connect your custom to the QR Code, you’ll be able to track when, if and how often people scan it.

Any Video Tool Anywhere. From Facebook Live, to Instagram IGTV or Facebook Stories, to the camera on your phone, you have free video-making and content-creation tools at your fingertips. “Video is the only content you can repurpose without recreating it,” Marki reminded us. Your digital domination plan does not have to be expensive or highly sophisticated.