C.A.R. Central: 430 N. Michigan Ave.

We will have discounted parking with the AMA Garage at 401 N State Street. There are two convenient entries: off of State Street or the back entrance on Wabash next to the Dunkin Donuts across the street from the Trump Tower.

  • Distance to C.A.R.’s offices: 0.2 miles, 422 steps, 4 minute walk
  • Total number of spaces: 890

The process for discounted parking will be as follows:

  • Guest will pull an entry ticket from the parking garage gate and park their car.
  • C.A.R. will provide guest a validation “chaser” ticket before the guest returns to their vehicle.
  • Upon returning to the garage and prior to returning to their vehicle, the guest will go to the pay stations in the lobby and insert their entry ticket into the pay station. The normal price of parking will appear, and the guest will then insert the “chaser” ticket into the machine to reduce the parking charge to $16. Guests will be able to pay the fee in cash or by credit card. Once payment is accepted, a validated ticket will be dispensed from the pay station to be used at the garage exit.
  • The guest will insert the paid/validated ticket into the reader at the garage exit. The gate will raise and the guest will be able to exit the garage in their vehicle.

Additional parking can be found at the addresses below, but C.A.R. will not be able to give a discount if you park at these locations:

  • 614 N St. Clair
    • Total number of spaces: 186
    • Distance: 0.3 miles, 633 steps,  6 minute walk
  • 240 E Illinois (Cityfront Plaza)
    • Total number of spaces: 450
    • Distance: 0.2 miles, 430 steps, 5 minute walk

We also recommend using a parking app like SpotHero if you are interested in parking downtown and reserving a space ahead of time.