Summer 2021: President’s Perspective

Mental health is one of our most valuable assets, but it is also one that frequently falls by the wayside when life gets hectic. Although Mental Health Awareness Month was in May, it is vital that we keep our mental health front and center all year long. I urge you all to seek out help if you need it, or even if you think you don’t. Therapy is helpful for everyone. I also encourage you to manage your mental health in other ways — discover what works for you! Exercise provides great stress relief and creates “me time” away from work, family and other obligations. I’ve recently discovered some new forms of exercise and I’m glad I did. Find something that relieves your stress that you can incorporate into your daily routine. You’ll be happy you did. We just launched our new member perk: discounted health benefit plans, which you can sign up for right now to receive a discount on counseling services, among other benefits. Please note this is not health insurance, but supplemental health benefits. Get started today at It’s also important to avoid putting unnecessary stress on yourself regarding your career. We just finished up managing broker license renewal season, which means broker license renewal is just around the corner! While you have the time, I encourage you to start your CE early, or even take a class that’s out of your comfort zone. You never know what you could gain from taking a new course. Just as you should focus on your mental health year-round, the same can be said for fair housing. We commemorated Fair Housing Month in April, but we should ensure we are incorporating these practices into our businesses all year long. Our At Home With Diversity certification course will take place again in September; with it, you can knock out six CE credits. I promise, you won’t regret it. If you’re looking to learn more about Fair Housing, you can visit our Fair Housing toolkit, which houses all of our trainings, articles, videos and more. Visit You can also visit our Video Resource Library to watch our Fair Housing event series from April. I encourage you all to rise up to the challenge of focusing on your personal and professional mental health this summer. I have stepped out of my comfort zone, and I hope you will too. NYKEA PIPPION McGRIFF 2020-2021 President Chicago Association of REALTORS®