Homeownership Month: Guiding Your Clients in Their Homeownership Journey

June is Homeownership Month! As REALTORS®, you have the unique opportunity to help make your client’s homeownership dreams become a reality. Your understanding of homeownership desires, promoting homeownership to your sphere and continuing your relationships with your clients will make you an invaluable resource to past, current and future clients as you guide them on their journey to homeownership. We have collected resources you can share with your clients to explain the importance of homeownership, resources to help during their transaction and more. We have also provided tools to share your value with your sphere. Check them out and share them this Homeownership Month!

For Your Clients

  Five Steps to Start the Homebuying Process  
Illinois Homeownership Programs
52 Tips to Shrink Your Property’s Footsteps

For You


Share the value you bring to the real estate transaction with your sphere by using our member benefit, Photofy. These customizable graphics allow you to share your knowledge of Chicago and promote the importance of home straight to your social media platforms. View some of the available assets below, and get started today.


Share your expertise with your clients by keeping up-to-date on the state of the market using FastStats. Get a monthly overview of the city, specific neighborhood data or weekly updates. Check out the data here.

Resources To Share or Learn More

Learn something new with these articles and web pages about client relationships, resources to share with your clients and more.

Check Out NAR’s Homeownership Month Resources

This June, NAR has partnered with the National Property Owners Alliance on social media to amplify the voices of homeowners. Join the conversation using their digital toolkit and #OwnersandNeighbors to support those who advocate for federal policies that support property ownership; public policies, programs and organizations that support homeownership; and elected officials who understand the value of homeownership and support homeowners. Check out all the resources available here.