Rethinking the Hustle: A YPN Breakfast Recap

On Wednesday, July 27, 2022, we hosted our monthly YPN breakfast “Rethinking the Hustle” at our home base, Manny’s Deli. We were so excited to get together in person, connect with our peers and devour advice from a licensed therapist. You can stay up-to-date on upcoming YPN events by following the YPN Facebook page!


Our guest speakers Kristen Smith, MSW, LCSW, Wells Counseling PLLC, and YPN Advisory Board Member Tyler Gregory, COMPASS, shared sound advice and self-care practices to help real estate agents succeed and grow their business without burning out.

3 Key Steps to Setting Boundaries

Step 1: Set your own expectations. Identify your boundaries early and understand what you’re willing or not willing to tolerate. This might look like time blocking hours of availability or identifying specific days of the week you are unavailable.

Step 2: Communicate your boundaries to your clients. As Kristen stated, “We have to make sure our cup is full before we can be of service to others.” Communicate your boundaries early in the process so your clients have a clear picture of what they can expect from you.

Step 3: Be consistent. Kristen emphasized, “Be assertive. Don’t be afraid to say no or to remind your clients of your boundaries.”

Setting boundaries allows you to be productive with your time and work in the time needed for you to refresh your mental capacity.

What Does Success Look Like For you?

“Comparison is a theft of joy.” Among those who shared their takeaways from table discussions, definitions of feeling successful widely vary:

  1. Meeting new people.
  2. Enjoying friendships.
  3. Not being tied to a specific number.
  4. Referrals from past clients.
  5. Financial stability.
  6. Being able to take several days of vacation.
  7. And more!

Avoid measuring your success based on your peers and colleagues and instead measure it by what success means to you.

“I believe in lots of soul-searching. Figure out how that manifests as a business,” Kristen Smith, MSW, LCSW, Wells Counseling, said. Ultimately, it’ll make it easier for both work and personal time to co-exist naturally. This can be as simple as setting day-to-day success or long-term success goals. “Even drill down to the day-to-day. How will you feel successful today?” Kristen asked.

Does success mean spending uninterrupted time with your family? Then you know where your business starts and stops! Consider dedicating one day a week for family time, or scheduling a regular period of hours in the evening when you put down your phone.

As you hustle your way to success, don’t allow someone else to define how that looks or feels to you. By staying true to that personal mission, you’re creating space for yourself to recharge and find fulfillment.

Return to Your “Why”

Why did you begin a career in real estate? Several attendees shared what attracted them to real estate such as: the ability to create boundaries and a more flexible schedule than their previous careers offered them. Some were attracted to the vibrant energy that was both welcomed and cherished in people.

So, if you find yourself burning the proverbial midnight oil, facing unrelenting exhaustion, or simply drifting too far from your initial boundaries, return to that why. You can hustle your way to success and stay aligned to your purpose!

Plus, staying true to your purpose is a great way to build an authentic connection with your clients! Here are a few resources about finding and articulating your purpose:

Self-Compassion Is A Necessity

How are you being kind to yourself? Prioritizing self-care can help you prevent burnout! Check out a self-compassion chart and self-care wheel from Kristen Smith, MSW, LCSW!

Also, take care of your mental health with these articles, tools and more from the association archives.


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