Verify Your 2022 Sales Data & Apply for Commercial Sales Awards Recognition

Each year we honor the outstanding listing and selling accomplishments of Chicago REALTORS® with the annual Sales Awards/Top Producer Recognition. This recognition gives us the opportunity to celebrate our collective success and, more importantly, to demonstrate the power of cooperation that exists in the Chicagoland real estate market.

The 2022 Sales Awards are right around the corner. Here’s what you need to know.


  • All CAR MRED subscribers, including designated REALTORS® and secondary members, qualify for residential category awards.
  • We pull all data automatically from the MLS. If you are a primary or secondary member of CAR, your data will be included in the pull. From there, we tabulate the results.
  • All data MUST be in the MLS – we cannot count off-MLS deals unless they are entered into the MLS as Comps.
  • You can ensure you receive the credit you deserve for your transactions by verifying your MRED data. The deadline to make any changes in the MLS is January 6 at midnight. Please note: we are unable to manually add in any transactions following the verification deadline.
  • All CAR members and CommercialForum subscribers may apply for commercial awards. The deadline for commercial applications is January 6 at midnight. Learn more.
  • Click here to learn about our new Rookie of the Year criteria.


What is the minimum production threshold to qualify?

Please keep in mind: thresholds may change each year pending annual overall member production. The threshold to qualify for recognition in the 2022 Sales Awards will not be known until after the data pull on January 6, 2023. The thresholds are determined for the year by the number of transactions sold and volume of real estate sold by the overall membership of the association.

As a reference, the 2021 recognition thresholds for both individuals and teams are the same: minimum is $13.5 mil in volume and/or 32 units. Rentals and commercial are separate categories. The 2021 rental recognition threshold is 105 units.

Again, thresholds are subject to change each year pending overall member production.

I have a team. How do I ensure we receive proper credit as a team?

Are you designated as a team in MRED? Listings added under a personal ID will not show up under the Team production, unless entered under the Team ID. The Team lead chooses whether a Team member can ONLY add listings under the Team ID or if the Team member can add a listing under the Team or under their personal ID. This decision is made when a Team member is added.

Production for Team designation is under the Team ID only, per our Teams Guidelines. Listings added under a personal ID will not show up under the Team production. All listings to be counted for team credit must reflect the TEAM ID (should read similar to “Mickey Mouse on behalf of CAR Team”). Please note: we are unable to retroactively switch transactions from a personal ID to a Team ID.

Click here for all of our Sales Awards teams information.

What if I co-listed or was the second selling agent on a property?

Only the primary listing agent shown in MRED receives Sales Awards credit for the transaction. Transaction credit is not awarded more than once and cannot be split. Transactions listed in MRED as teams will be recognized as teams – get more information on teams.

How can I count an off-MLS transaction towards my total for the year?

Any non-MLS transactions may only be counted if they are entered into the MLS using the Comparable Sales Feature with status COMP-CLSD by the data verification deadline (January 6). No properties are able to be manually counted or added in after the data pull.

Do I need to verify my data? How can I verify my data?

You don’t NEED to – but we strongly recommend it, as we are unable to manually change any data or enter additional transactions after the MLS data pull. Click here for steps to verify your sales and troubleshoot transaction issues.

Can you send me a logo from a previous year? Can you tell me all the past years I reached Top Producer status?

Unfortunately, we don’t keep easily searchable records, so there’s no way for us to pull this information. You’re welcome to look back through past CR Magazines to find your name and where you qualified.

Can you tell me exactly where I rank?

These are Sales Awards for recognition by the Association – they are not intended for a top-down ranking. Even for our medaled categories, we do not include who was #1 as we are recognizing the achievement of the category and award itself. There are other platforms like the MLS Reports or Broker Metrics that could provide the information you are looking for. But as it relates to the spirit of CAR Sales Awards, it is not a ranking system but a recognition of your achievement as a Top Producer.