Cannabis Education: What You Need to Know for Next Year | Holly DuPart

Holly DuPart didn’t let a diagnosis of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis keep her from succeeding. Always an entrepreneur, she saw an opportunity to merge her use of medical cannabis with her real estate business. DuPart manages in a vacation rental market segment with a focus on cannabis consumers. She provides cannabis-friendly accommodations and experiences, promoting a healthy lifestyle that includes cannabis. Now, with legal recreational marijuana less than one month away in Illinois, DuPart imparted her experience to prepare REALTORS® for the coming changes. “Put in place policies that are reasonable,” she said. She addressed concerns as they relate to tenants. Will property owners have to allow their tenants to consume cannabis on their property? What can property owners do about the smell and their other tenants? “There’s a difference between decriminalization and recreation,” she said. “You still can’t consume cannabis in public.”  She told the audience that non-smoking policies can apply to cannabis if they exist already, and encouraged them to be understanding of their tenants’ needs.

Watch her presentation: