Your Guide to 2020 Emerging Technology Trends | Constance Freedman

As late morning became early afternoon, over an hour of the conference was dedicated to the growth and evolution of technology in 21st Century real estate. Enter Constance Freedman, founder and managing partner of Moderne Ventures. She pointed out the record amounts of capital coming across the global private markets – which are not showing signs of slowing down. According to her, in 2016 there was about $2 billion invested in real estate technology. In 2018, that amount grew to over $14 billion. Technology has changed the nature of real estate, Freedman said. “It’s not about the transaction anymore; it’s about the experience.” She introduced myriad tools available to REALTORS® today that can and have transformed the selling and purchasing experience – tools that can streamline the process for both REALTOR® and homeowner. 

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