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Replace Defective Lockbox

Replace Defective Lockbox SentriLock Lockbox Warranty Replacement Request If your lockbox is under warranty and SentriLock has deemed it defective,

Transfer Lockbox Ownership

Transfer Lockbox Ownership Transfer SentriLock Lockbox Ownership When you purchase a lockbox from the Chicago Association of REALTORS®, you now

Purchase A Lockbox

Purchase A Lockbox SentriLock Lockboxes provide security for your clients’ most valuable investment. It still gives you, those you designate,

SentriLock Membership & Lockboxes

SentriLock Membership & Lockboxes Leverage a single platform to manage lockboxes, showings, and property access – while creating more amazing

Dos & Don’ts: Sentrilock Lockbox Access

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the switch for many to virtual business, we’ve received quite a few questions about

SentriConnect & Temporary Lockbox Access

SentriConnect & Temporary Lockbox Access Say goodbye to 1-Day Codes with SentriLock’s latest product, SentriConnect! SentriLock members can provide temporary access

Additional SentriLock Resources & FAQ

Additional SentriLock Resources & FAQ Troubleshooting & Support Transfer Lockbox Ownership SentriConnect & Temporary Lockboxes Need help? Check out these

Upgrade & Recycle Program

Upgrade & Recycle Program Trade in your Non-Bluetooth SentriLock Lockboxes and receive a 15% discount on your purchase of a


Security / Lockbox Section 8.14 of our bylaws discusses the policy relating to the security of listed property. If you

Troubleshooting for Non-BLE Sentrilock Lockboxes

Recently, Sentrilock has discovered an issue that is preventing some users from accessing the key compartment of Non-BLE lockboxes. This issue

Permission Denied: How to Avoid an Unauthorized Access Violation

Permission Denied: How to Avoid an Unauthorized Access Violation Staff | July 5, 2022 As REALTORS®, you are looked to

Membership FAQs

Membership FAQs Table of Contents Bring CAR to My Office Change: Email Address Name / Add Nickname Phone Number Landlord

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