Homeownership Month: Tools For Every Step of the Transaction

June is Homeownership Month! As REALTORS®, you have the unique opportunity to help make your client’s homeownership dreams become a reality. Promoting homeownership to your sphere and continuing your relationships with your clients will make you an invaluable resource to past, current and future clients as you guide them on their journey to homeownership.

Check out our resources to share with your clients to explain the importance of homeownership, tools to help during their transaction and more. We also have tools so you can share your value with your sphere.

Tools For Your Clients

A vital part of creating a healthy housing market is empowering homebuyers to be as well informed as possible. BuySellOwnChicago.com, our consumer website, is designed to help you do just that.

This website allows you to continue to be a trusted advisor for your clients, housing all the information they may need for every step of the process. Common questions that come up during the transaction are broken down into easily consumable material, from articles to infographics and a variety of other shareable content.

Check out the homebuyers section for shareable resources to help find and close on a home. Articles include:

Resources For You


Share the value you bring to the real estate transaction with your sphere by using our member benefit, Photofy. These customizable graphics allow you to share your knowledge of Chicago and promote the importance of home straight to your social media platforms. Get started today.


Share your expertise with your clients by keeping up-to-date on the state of the market using FastStats. Get a monthly overview of the city, specific neighborhood data or weekly updates. Check out the data here.


These upcoming courses can help you become a more confident, knowledgeable homeownership steward!


The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) recently released their Remodeling Impact report, which analyzes the projects that bring the most joy to homeowners, as well as the ones that have the most cost recovery when selling a home. Share these stats with your previous clients to continue your relationship.


Learn something new with these articles and web pages about client relationships, resources to share with your clients and more.

More Resources From NAR

NAR is also promoting the benefits of homeownership and recommitting to creating opportunities for future homeowners this month. Check out their upcoming events, statistics and resources here.